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These media kits were created for PR courses at Auburn University while I was studying to earn my Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations. Media kits typically include a press release, senior/executive staff biographies, photos with cut lines, a backgrounder about the company and a fact sheet about the company.

media kits

Aunt Flo is a concept of a nonprofit organization that I created for my final media kit in the PRCM4080 Writing for Public Relations course at Auburn University in Fall 2015. Each section of the media kit was created for a class assignment over the course of the semester.

About Aunt Flo: Aunt Flo is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supplying feminine hygiene products to women and girls in countries where women are at risk for diseases due to a lack of the aforementioned products.

The media kit includes a cover page, a backgrounder, senior staff biographies, a news release, mock photos with captions, an op-ed and television, print and radio PSAs. I created all the contents of this media kit, excluding the cited images and statistics.

The contents of this publication are fictional, excluding the statistics that I cited.

DOWNLOAD a PDF of the Aunt Flo media kit.
Artwork in image above by Jon Whitcomb.

media kits amtrak

The Amtrak media kit was created for a group assignment for Auburn University’s PRCM4080 Writing for Public Relations course. For this assignment, we created a crisis media kit for our “client.” My group decided to create a crisis media kit for the Amtrak’s train derailment in 2015.

In May 2015, Amtrak faced a PR crisis when an Amtrak Northeast Regional train derailed from the Northeast Corridor line in Philadelphia, killing eight passengers and injuring more than 200 others. The event received extensive national media coverage, and sparked more discussions about the implementation of Positive Train Control, an installation required by the 2008 Rail Safety Improvement Act.

The materials included in the media kit were the backgrounder, senior staff biographies, op-ed, fact sheet, news release, television PSA and photos with captions. I wrote the backgrounder on Amtrak’s organization and an op-ed on Amtrak’s handling of the tragedy. Since this assignment was completed through group effort, I included only the materials that I completed.

DOWNLOAD a PDF of the backgrounder and op-ed of this media kit.
Image courtesy of VectorLogoSeek.

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